YouTube’s Videocracy

Mashable covers YouTube’s Videocracy:

YouTube is already the Giant. And the announcements related to the Videocracy meeting take them closer to being the final word as a video platform. And the next step after the establishment of a “platform”, I think, are services that can run on top of the platform. Is it possible to put an entirely different “front end” onto the YouTube platform? YouTube is trying to make sense of their back-end, or at least the data they are collecting…one of the areas that is evolving and is ripe for biz leadership, is – what can you do with the data? – What still needs some sense-makin’ done to it, is the front end…how do you find what you want, or what is good, in that ocean of…unorganized not-good? I guess that is where I am thinking a different front end that lives, breathes and feeds off the YouTube data, (the videos, the user patterns, the recommendations, etc.,) but exists separately from YouTube…is another place ripe for innovation and evolution. Or maybe a network…of multiple interfaces?


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