video – Policeman in Baltimore abusing skateboarder-Big Brother is…

One of the lastest viral “sensations” is this one of a police officer, Salvatore Rivieri, going nuts on a skateboarder. I remember doing a post on a blog a couple of years ago, talking about how Big Brother had arrived, except it turns out Big Brother is us. We are all (well…some of us) turning into little surveillance pods, making/uploading videos spur-of-the-moment, taking/uploading pix all day…twittering, tumbling, texting all day long into the datasphere. And that’s not a bad thing, necessarily….news reports say that this officer has been suspended due to this video. And of course “surveillance” is a pretty heavy word…which relates to the intent behind the act…you can’t say that the kid videotaping the officer had him under surveillance…

What is going to be REALLY interesting is when life catches up (or the documenting of life catches up) to art and we start to see more instances of documented different points of view of an ‘event’, or moment in time…not the Super Bowl, but everyday instances like this one of the officer and the skateboarder.

I’m reminded of those police dashboard cameras recording an officer pulling over a car…has their been an instance of the people in the car having their own camera going? There must be.

Kara Swisher points out: the “Internet–a new way to thwart bullies without getting beaten up.”

So, maybe Big Brother isn’t watching you….Big Brother is watching OUT for you?


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