In Japan since Friday night. Currently in a small working class town an hour out of Nagoya. Wonderful host making us feel welcome. About to hop a train to Nagoya where we will stay at the Nagoya Crown, a nice hotel with an onsen. Looking forward to a hot onsen soak. Our down time here so far has allowed me to catch up on some long overdue writing, thinking, planning. Right now, and since yesterday, writing up business plan for re-launch of Videodash network, Videodash_V2 so to speak. Mea culpas included free of charge. Very exciting, illuminating, and informative to analyze in detail the last year of trying to launch Videodash on a shoestring. I am considering posting here in installments.

It is a great exercise to stare in the mirror of ambition, see the true reflection, and not flinch…just evolve.


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